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Kolbes elektroskop

Pointer instrument for the detection of electrical charges and voltages with high sensitivity. Metal housing with 4 mm earthing sleeve, glass front and rear, needle with pivot bearing, scale, suitable for shadow projection. Includes capacitor plate on 4 mm plug. Specifications: Measuring range: 0 – 6 kV Dimensions: approx. 170x110x190 mm³ Dimensions 22.1 x 16.0 […]

2 890 kr Excluding VAT Leverans: 2-6 arbetsdagar

Ett par kondensatorplattor 125 cm²

Pair of capacitor plates consisting of light metal castings with electrically isolated handling rod and 4 mm socket connector for constructing a capacitor. The distance between the plates is determined by the plexiglas spacers that are provided.

890 kr Excluding VAT Leverans: 2-6 arbetsdagar

Droppkopp med bassäng

Set for experiments involving electrostatic charging of fluids, e.g. for charge separation when performing water separation in connection with the electric field meter. Drip cup with side mounted holder and glass stopcock for precise regulation of the drip speed. Specifications: 4-mm connector plugs Dimensions: 70 mm x75 mm dia. approx. Weight: approx. 150 g

990 kr Excluding VAT Leverans: 2-6 arbetsdagar

Piezoelektrisk laddningskälla

Hand-held unit used for the simple generation of safe voltages needed in electrostatic experiments. Featuring the functional principle of a piezoelectric gas lighter. With shortened earthing sleeve and 4-mm cable plug. The colour may deviate from the colour in the image. Specifications: Voltage: ±4,5 kV Dimensions: approx. 250x25x33 mm³ Weight: approx. 130 g Dimensions 21.1 […]

1 090 kr Excluding VAT Leverans: 2-6 arbetsdagar

Laddningsindikator (elektroskop)

Electronic electroscope for showing electric charge and its sign, whereby either a blue or a red LED lights up in the presence of charge. Includes two 1.5-V batteries (AA). Dimensions: 62x67x20 mm³ approx. Weight: 85 g approx.

1 290 kr Excluding VAT Leverans: 2-6 arbetsdagar

Laddningslagringsenhet med piezo-laddare

Storage device for electric charge generated by a piezo charger. The stored charge can be transferred from place to place using a so-called “charge-spoon”, for example. Capacitance: 2x 1 nF Dimensions of storage device: 62x67x50 mm³ approx. Dimensions of charger: 230x35x40 mm³ approx. Total weight: 85 g approx.

1 290 kr Excluding VAT Leverans: 2-6 arbetsdagar

Elektroskop S

Inexpensive instrument with dial for demonstrating electrical charge and voltage potential. Designed in the form of a stand base, frame, aluminium rod with magnet holder and electroscope unit. Dimensions: 280x80x280 mm³ approx. Weight: 500 g approx.

1 490 kr Excluding VAT Leverans: 2-6 arbetsdagar

Elektrolytisk tråg

Equipment set for recording equipotential lines of electric fields. Electrodes of different shapes can be used to measure equipotential lines for a plate capacitor, dipole, induced surface charge and a Faraday beaker. Trough dimensions: 160x105x65 mm³ approx. Contents: 1 Plastic trough 1 Stand with measurement electrode 2 Bar electrodes 2 Round disc electrodes 1 Ring […]

1 490 kr Excluding VAT Leverans: 2-6 arbetsdagar

Plattkondensator S

Steel plate capacitor used to investigate the relationship between charge, voltage and capacitance, as well as determining the dielectric and electric field constants. It consists of a fixed and a movable plate on a guide rail. A centimeter scale is used to read the plate spacing. The device comes with four dielectric sample plates made […]

1 890 kr Excluding VAT Leverans: 2-6 arbetsdagar

Wilmshurst Maskin

Historical experiment set-up for the generation of safe, high DC potentials for numerous experiments in the area of electrostatics. Hand crank operation and belt drive, adjustable spark gap and two high-voltage capacitors (Leyden jars). Specifications: Diameter: 310 mm Spark gap: max. 120 mm Dimensions: approx. 360x250x400 mm³ Weight: approx. 3.4 kg Dimensions 29 x 36 […]

3 790 kr Excluding VAT Leverans: 2-6 arbetsdagar

Elektrostatisk utrustning

Using this equipment many historical experiments can be performed to investigate electrostatic phenomena. The components are equipped with 4 mm connector pins thus providing for rapid and easy interchangeability of assembly on an insulated stand. Experiment cables are included for connection to the charge source. We recommend that the Wimshurst machine (P- 1002967 ) be used […]

4 990 kr Excluding VAT Leverans: 2-6 arbetsdagar

Van de Graaff-generator

The classic Van de Graff Generator device demonstrates some of the fundamental concepts in electrostatics: charge accumulation, potential differences, capacitance, and resistivity. The Generator’s conductor sphere is detachable, the engine speed is adjustable (alternatively the device can be operated manually) and the device includes a small discharge sphere on a rod. The generator supplies a […]

7 390 kr Excluding VAT Leverans: 2-6 arbetsdagar

Plattkondensator D

Plate capacitor used to investigate the relationship between electric charge and voltage, quantify capacitance as a function of plate spacing, measure the dielectric constant ε and precisely determine the electric field constant ε0. Plate separation can be finely adjusted and read off from a display to an accuracy of 1/10 mm. Plate spacing: 0 – […]

10 290 kr Excluding VAT Leverans: 2-6 arbetsdagar

Elektrisk fältmätare (230 V, 50/60 Hz)

A device for static measurement of electric field strength and voltages. Mounted at a short distance in front of a star-shaped measuring electrode is a modulation impeller, of the same star shape, and connected to ground. The charges infl uenced by the electric field produce an alternating current proportional to the fi eld strength. This […]

16 390 kr Excluding VAT Leverans: 2-6 arbetsdagar