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Väsentlig omvårdnad laborationsuppsättning

The nursing lab kit to practice and perfect basic nursing clinical skills. Train on patient care, catheterization, and wound management of various severities using the included simulators. Practice needle work for injections and blood draws on trainers with realistic feel and texture. Review human anatomy in life-size scale and accurate detail with quality anatomical models. […]

69 390 kr Excluding VAT Leverans: 2-6 arbetsdagar

Inledning till Gynekologi laborationsuppsättning

The Gynecology Lab Kit to study and practice basic gynecological skills! Learn the detailed inner anatomy of the female pelvis with a life-size multi-part pelvic model. Demonstrate options for female barrier contraceptive devices, IUDs, and pessaries. Hone palpation skills to identify various tumor stages in realistic silicone breast models. Practice gynecological examinations using real equipment […]

21 490 kr Excluding VAT Leverans: 2-6 arbetsdagar

Uppsättning Gallblåsa

The Gallbladder Kit to study and identify gallbladder pathologies! Learn about the gallbladder and surrounding organs in a detailed relief anatomical model. Study the inner anatomy of the biliary system with problems including tissue inflammation and gallstones in commonly found locations. Get hands-on experience using a real ultrasound to identify various gallbladder pathologies on a […]

6 990 kr Excluding VAT Leverans: 2-6 arbetsdagar