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Kundts Rör E

Sound tube made of transparent acrylic with loudspeaker and movable scale for quantitative investigation of sound waves in air or other gases, in particular for measurement of wavelength and speed of sound. With two stand bases, capillary disc, sensor disc, two hose connectors with stopcock for filling with gas, fitting and guide for long microphone probe, hole […]

3 990 kr Excluding VAT Leverans: 2-6 arbetsdagar

Kundts rör

Glass tube for demonstrating standing sound waves and calculating wavelengths of sound using cork powder in a method devised by Kundt. Cork powder is spread evenly throughout the tube by means of a filler chute. Then a sound source, e.g. a whistle, a 1700 Hz tuning fork (U10115) or a horn speaker (U8432680), is used […]

1 090 kr Excluding VAT Leverans: 2-6 arbetsdagar


Lip whistle for experiments on pitch as a function of resonance space. Closed wooden whistle with a round cross-section and movable piston, chromatic range from g1 (392 Hz) to g² (794 Hz). Frequency range: approx. 400 Hz –800 Hz Resonance space: approx. 170 mm x 20 mm dia. Length: approx. 250 mm

1 290 kr Excluding VAT Leverans: 2-6 arbetsdagar

Utrustningsuppsättning “stereofonisk hörsel”

Experiment Topics: ·         Directions of sound ·         Determining differences in time for sound  to propagate to left and right ears ·         Effect of linear distortions on cavity resonance Equipment set for investigation of directionality of sound and determining differences in time for sound to propagate to left and right ears by generation of knocking sounds […]

1 390 kr Excluding VAT Leverans: 2-6 arbetsdagar

Ljudnivåmätare P5055

Universally deployable digital meter used to determine the sound level of any number of acoustic sources across a wide sound range. Device is housed in a robust plastic casing with integrated calibration signal and large LCD display for easy reading of measured values. Includes range selection switch and maximum hold function. There are two evaluation […]

1 490 kr Excluding VAT Leverans: 2-6 arbetsdagar


Metallophone for demonstrating a C major scale from c² to g². Note labels, frequencies and frequency ratios are printed on the instrument. With striking hammer. Dimensions: approx. 320×210 mm² Weight: approx. 510 g

1 490 kr Excluding VAT Leverans: 2-6 arbetsdagar

Högtalare med horn

Speaker that approximates to being a point source for excitation of Kundt tube (1000814), for example.  Frequency range: 100 Hz – 20 kHz Max. load capacity: 10 W Impedance: 8 Ω Shaft: 10 mm dia. Dimensions: 100x135x80 mm³ Weight: approx. 660 g

1 890 kr Excluding VAT Leverans: 2-6 arbetsdagar

Mikrofonlåda (230 V, 50/60 Hz)

All-purpose dual-channel amplifier for long or short microphone probes. Particularly suitable for use with microsecond counters in experiments for determining speed of sound, including 12 V AC plug-in power supply. Both channels can be individually switched between the perating modes, “Signal” for connecting an oscilloscope, “Level” for connecting a voltmeters and “Pulse” for connecting a microsecond counter. The trigger threshold […]

2 290 kr Excluding VAT Leverans: 2-6 arbetsdagar


A wooden box open at both ends, with a clamping mechanism for a string to demonstrate the relationship between pitch and string length and the dependence of pitch on string tension. Includes an indicator for the tensioning force, as well as a steel string (tuned to B) and a nylon string. Dimensions: approx. 490x70x60 mm³

2 390 kr Excluding VAT Leverans: 2-6 arbetsdagar

Quinckes resonansrör

Quincke’s resonance tube is used for demonstrating interference effects in standing sound waves. The equipment set consists of a resonance tube with a millimetre scale which is partially filled with water and is connected to an expansion vessel with a tube. The column of air above the water is excited to oscillate by using a […]

2 790 kr Excluding VAT Leverans: 2-6 arbetsdagar

Utrustningsuppsättning “Ljudutbredning i stavar” (230 V, 50/60 Hz)

Experiment Topics: ·         Speed of propagation of sound pulses in various rods ·         Comparison between the propagation of longitudinal and transverse waves ·         Standing sound waves in short rods ·         Polarity of reflections at the ends of the rods ·         Multiple reflection at the ends of longer rods     Benefits: ·         Compact set-up on […]

4 590 kr Excluding VAT Leverans: 2-6 arbetsdagar