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Motor, 12 V DC

Advantages: ·         Rotor, coreless ·         High starting torque ·         Low moment of inertia Compact experiment motor – can also be used as a tachogenerator, oscillation generator or for the excitation of rove waves. The motor has a coreless rotor and thus has a high starting torque at a lower moment of inertia. It is characterised […]

2 690 kr Excluding VAT Leverans: 2-6 arbetsdagar

Spiralfjäder Snakey

Very long helical spring for demonstrating and investigating transverse and longitudinal waves. Length: 2 m up to 14 m Total number of turns: 1300 Coil diameter: 25 mm Weight: 1400 g

790 kr Excluding VAT Leverans: 2-6 arbetsdagar

Slinky med spiralfjäder

Long coil spring for demonstrating the propagation and reflection of longitudinal waves. Length: 0.2 m up to 5 m Total number of turns: 330 Coil diameter: 70 mm Weight: 550 g

790 kr Excluding VAT Leverans: 2-6 arbetsdagar

Vågmaskin, manuell

Demonstration equipment for displaying propagation, reflection, diffraction and superimposition of transverse waves. A chain of wooden double-ended pendulums joined together by a bifilar thread. Two handles allow the chain to be held by hand and excited. Number of double pendulums: 79 Length: 3 m Weight: approx. 0.8 kg

1 890 kr Excluding VAT Leverans: 2-6 arbetsdagar


Apparatus for demonstrating transverse standing waves on a rope and investigating how wavelength depends on the tension in the rope and on the frequency. Dimensions: 700x150x230 mm³ Weight: approx. 4.4 kg Contents: 1 Chassis 1 Rubber cord 1 Pulley 1 Axle clip 2 Axle rods 2 Universal clamps 2 Stand rods, 400 mm 1 Dynamometer, […]

2 890 kr Excluding VAT Leverans: 2-6 arbetsdagar

Demonstrationsvågsmaskin, enkelmodul

The Demonstration Wave Machine allows for easily visible demonstrations that show the behavior and properties of transverse waves. The motion of the wave is demonstrated by a chain of 73 steel pendulum bars each soldered at their mid-point along a rod spring that can be subjected to torsion. The ends of the bars are painted […]

6 990 kr Excluding VAT Leverans: 2-6 arbetsdagar

Demonstrationsvågmaskin, komplett uppsättning

Supplement to the demonstration wave machine comprising a module with short pendulum bars, a transition module and two module couplers. If the two models with differing bar lengths and thus differing wave velocities are coupled together, then reflections can be observed at the point where they are joined together. This can be avoided by adding […]

13 990 kr Excluding VAT Leverans: 2-6 arbetsdagar


Vibration generator for exciting oscillating and waves mechanically, e.g. in coil springs, a rubber cord, a wire ring or a Chladni plate. In robust plastic housing including mounting pin with 4-mm socket for attaching accessories (Chladni plates, resonance wire, rubber band etc.). Including holder for stand rod (up to 8 mm dia.) on the rear […]

2 590 kr Excluding VAT Leverans: 2-6 arbetsdagar