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Intended for investigating the ionization of air and other gases brought about by X-radiation at different pressures (saturation characteristics, model of a Geiger-Müller tube, dosimetry). Possesses a cylinder-shaped cathode, rod-anode and hose shaft for evacuating and introducing gases. Operating voltage: max. 2kV Ionization current: 10-11 to 10-10 A Dimensions: • Rod-electrode: 75 mm long • […]

1 490 kr Excluding VAT Leverans: 2-6 arbetsdagar

Uppsättning av fluorescensprover

Set of 7 samples for material analysis with the X-ray energy detector (1008629). The material composition can be determined from the energies of the appropriate X-ray fluorescence lines. Thus, for example the difference between stainless and low carbon steel, or between copper, brass and bronze can be seen clearly. Materials: Stainless Steel S321 Low Carbon […]

1 890 kr Excluding VAT Leverans: 2-6 arbetsdagar

Grundutrustning för röntgenapparat

Equipment set for qualitative and quantitative experiments involving, for instance, linear propagation, ionization, penetration capacity of X-radiation and X-ray photography; also for demonstrating the wave nature of X-radiation, investigating fluorescent X-radiation and determining mass-absorption coefficients. In a specially molded storage box. Scope of delivery: 1 fluorescent screen 1 Debye-Scherrer camera 2 film cassettes 1 lead […]

18 290 kr Excluding VAT Leverans: 2-6 arbetsdagar


The Bragg driver is a combination of hardware and software which allows the user to collect X-ray diffraction data in combination with the X-ray apparatus (1000657 or 1000660). It provides the high voltage and counting circuitry for the Geiger Müller tube (1000661) and includes a software program that allows the user to control the driver […]

29 290 kr Excluding VAT Leverans: 2-6 arbetsdagar