Vaxvärmare – Trippel – 120W – 3 st roll-on + station + 3st roll-on vax + 100 vaxremsor

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The kit includes:
– wax heater in the TRIO roll
– azulene wax roll – 3 pieces
– epilation strips 20 pieces – 5 packages
Device for heating 3 wax depilation cartridges.
Each wax can be heated separately.
The aesthetic and ergonomic shape makes it easy to hold the heater during the epilation treatment.
The heater is safe and easy to use.
Technical data:
voltage 230 V
frequency 50 Hz
power 120 W
base dimensions
height 5 cm
width 26 cm
depth 16 cm
QUICKEPIL roll-on wax is specially created for beauticians who are looking for excellent results. Thanks to a special recipe, the roller stretches the wax into much thinner strips, which causes it to cool down almost immediately, minimizing baking. The product is then easily removed with strips. Azulene contained in it has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect, perfect for sensitive skin prone to irritation.
Capacity: 100 g
Ingredients: natural beeswax, resin ester with glycerin,
titanium dioxide, antioxidants, dyes, fragrances.
QUICKEPIL producer May Star
Non-woven strips for depilation
Much better at depilation than cotton strips , the wax sticks to them better, thanks to which the wax is removed evenly during the treatment.
– strip size 7 x 20 cm.
Quantity: 20 pieces of cut strips in the package.

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