Microneedling Penna – SYIS 05

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      MICRONEEDLE PEN is a modern device for microneedle mesotherapy, used to regenerate the skin, eliminate wrinkles, and treat scars and reduce stretch marks. The “feather” regenerates, heals and reduces skin imperfections faster, more effectively and at the same time in a less painful way. It allows the introduction of active substances into the skin by puncturing it with pulsating needles.
      What is the procedure?
      MICRONEEDLE PEN stimulates the natural regenerative capacity of the human body. The “pen” punctures the skin in a regulated way, which triggers auto-renewal processes, i.e. the multiplication of collagen and elastin. Its micro needles penetrate to a depth of 2.5 mm, which additionally allows the absorption of active substances into the skin. As a result, the skin regains its healthy and youthful appearance at an incredible pace.
      The confirmed effects of MICRONEEDLE PEN are: – smoothing
      wrinkles – regenerating the
      skin –
      reducing acne scars –
      reducing stretch marks
      – reducing skin imperfections –
      reducing pores –
      preventing baldness
      The device works wirelessly and on a cable, the set includes a charger, two lithium batteries and a solid case visible in the pictures. It has 5 modes of operation with different frequency of punctures.
      Technical specification: –
      number of needles: 12 – the device
      is made of steel
      – needle length adjustment
      interval : 0.25 mm – 2.5 mm – weight 56 ??g
      – puncture frequency 6500-10000 rpm
      1.6500r / m
      2.7500r / m
      3.8500r / m
      4.9500r / m
      5.000r / m

      -5 frequency modes
      -operating time after charging: up to 3 hours -German
      -Pen size: 12x18x155mm
      -2 lithium batteries
      -time needed to charge the battery: 75min -the device
      is CE certified
      -warranty period 24 months.


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