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    W3 absorber is a professional equipment, indispensable in every beauty salon during nail styling.
    The highest quality of our product will allow you to obtain a high level of absorption of harmful dust and cleanliness in the workplace.
    The absorber uses 3 fans on ball bearings with dimensions of 9×9 cm and a dust-absorbing hole with dimensions of 26.5 cm x 8.5 cm.
    A very good and effective stabilized power supply with a safe voltage of 12V has been installed, aesthetically attached to the bottom of the absorber.
    There are two operating modes: Mode 1 – 3/4 power and Mode 2 – full power.
    The power is regulated with a switch installed next to the absorber – 0, 1.2
    The cover is covered with a layer of nickel with the addition of chrome, it is designed to fit into the body of the absorber.
    Silicone feet prevent the material from rubbing and the absorber from moving.
    The dust-absorbing surface is one oval hole which prevents dust from settling between the holes.
    Strips masking material connections underneath the absorber.
    The foam padding makes the absorber soft and pleasant to the touch.
    Made of high-quality eco-leather.
Set contains:
    collector 220V power cable
    2 reusable pouches (one included and one as spare)
Technical data:
    device input power: 30 Watt.
    power supply: 100-240V, 50-60Hz
    voltage: 12V / 1.25A
    dimensions: width 35cm, height 9cm, length 27cm
    for cleaning, please use detergents without alcohol
    quantity: 1 piece

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